• Creative Voice 2017

    Walli Höfinger & Christiane Hommelsheim

    Dates:Year Group (Starting 16.02.2017)
    Place:Reichenow, GERMANY
    Participants:max. 12
    Level:Open to all
    Dear participant,
    you can sign up here for this workshop outside Malérargues. You will receive a confirmation from us, that we received our registration.
    But please note, that this workshop is not organized by the CAIRH directly. So you will receive a message from the host of the workshop to confirm your registration. If there are any uncertainties or questions, please contact the host or the teachers of the workshop directly. Thank you!
    With our best regards from the CAIRH!

Creative Voice Journey 2017
Yeargroup Reichenow

16. – 19. Februar 2017
27. – 30. April 2017
14. – 17. September 2017
30. November – 3. Dezember 2017

4 Workshops á 21 hours
Total 84 hours
Fee: 1400 Euros
plus accommodation (between 8 and 15 Euros per nigth)
Max.12 participants

Early bird until 15th November 2017: 1200 Euros

All workshops need to be booked and payed in advance (even if you might have to miss one).

Rate payment is possible.