Pascale Ben

Singer, Actress, Voice Teacher
Lives in France
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice teacher since 1969

To listen in order to hear, and finally understand each other. To journey through positive thoughts without ignoring the negative ones. To exercise physically in order to have a joyful body, and with advancing years, to carry on stimulating all the faculties we possess as much as possible.

We are born with a voice which is the most extraordinary instrument we have with us all the time, one that reflects our state of mind, our dreams, our longings, and tells others about us through its specific quality. Study our night dreams, welcome them, and if possible share them with others, as they are the only access we have to our unconscious, thus providing us with a means of growth and a better knowledge of ourselves.

Pascale Ben was born in 1947, in Neufchateau, Vosges, France. As a child she learned to sing and act in holiday camps. As an adult she met the Roy Hart Theatre in London in 1969: she joined the company and performed in pieces where there were various numbers of performers: twenty-seven in The Singer and The Song and L’économiste, twenty-three in Mariage de Lux, eight in Ich Bin, sixteen in The Tempest, twelve in Le chien de Dieu and Seethings, seven in Les Troyennes and ABC de notre Vie, five in Cabaret Celestina, three in L’anneau cassé, then alone in Le temps que Brûle …
She has sung with musicians – Jean-Pierre-Buxo: ‘Sous un pommier Doux’, Christophe Back: ‘Cheval de Zinc’, and Olivier Philippson: ‘La rivière de Soie’.
Pascale worked with Roy Hart himself, Dorothy Hart, Lucienne Deschamps, Richard Armstrong, Vivien Young, Rossignol, Marita Günther, Kaya Anderson.
Music: Stephen Rivers-Moore. Theatre: Vicente Fuentes, Enrique Pardo, Toni Cafiero. Danse: Dominique Dupuy, Tersa Salerno.