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created in 1981, co-directed with Linda Wise
based in Paris and at Malérargues (Roy Hart Centre)

Philosophy. I chose a highly polemic debate sparked off by Alejandro Jodorowsky. On July 25, 2016, he posts a tweet that is ferociously criticised in the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The tweet, the critic and my commentary were discussed during a recent seminar in Malérargues shared with Kaya Anderson and Linda Wise, on Psychosomatics.
– THE TWEET // THE RESPONSE : ‘As a little girl I was abused sexually. Now, in spite of loving him, I have difficulty in desiring my partner. // Disguise him as the man who abused you, and he/it will excite you./
– MY COMMENT: In my view, Jodorowsky’s is an adroit ‘performative’ move on at least three levels: affective, effective and fictional. It is based on adult psychological sagacity and a starkly condensed ‘moral contract’. Brava to the woman for daring to phrase her question like that. Jodorowsky’s is a lesson in psychosomatic teaching, in line with traditions of oracular consultations, like Delphi, or, yes, the Tarot! The answer you get depends mostly on the question you ask. Artistically, his reply is in line with much of contemporary theatre, especially since Pinter: seeking the underlying erotic fantasies that move individuals and society. I find the status the critic gives to the imagination, to art and especially to theatre shocking. This in no way downgrades the work of, or the need for, modern medicine or pharmacopsychiatry. I wish to stress the importance of Psyche.
Jodorowsky is not at all far from how I saw Roy Hart teach – the teaching that interested me the most: an extraordinary capacity for case by case adaptation and affective / effective response. He did this mostly through group dream interpretation. (Here I should add: ‘the voice is always a dream’.) He was sometimes intensely patient (hours of ‘fishing in the unconscious’), other times radically incisive and antinomic (breaking the norms.)

Today I have come to perform, direct and teach along such lines, trusting my own capacity to figure out, act out and give voice to the scenarios of counter transference (or folie à deux), while carefully analyzing the ‘moral contract’ and asking : what is the actual request that I am receiving, however oblique or unconscious?

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